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Writing A Great Infosec Position Description

We're going to be hiring a number of people in security. It's what we do. And we like to think a bit more deeply about things than we have time for, but this is one of those places where it's good to get our DNA of how we want to do things on paper, if only for ourselves.

We've worked with, for, or hired a lot of people in infosec (information security). Along the way, we've learned how to communicate with them in a way that we can meet them on there level, where they're at. It's hard to lump groups into a single rubric, but if narrow the scope of a conversation it can be easier, so let's look at some ways to write a great information security job description, starting with these steps:

  • Start with a clear job title. The job title should accurately reflect the duties and responsibilities of the position.

  • Provide a brief overview of the position. This overview should give potential candidates a general idea of what the position entails.

  • List the specific duties and responsibilities of the position. Be as specific as possible when listing the duties and responsibilities of the position. This will help to ensure that you attract candidates who have the skills and experience necessary to be successful in the role.

  • List the required qualifications and experience. Be clear about the required qualifications and experience for the position. This will help to weed out candidates who are not qualified for the role.

  • Describe the ideal candidate. This is your chance to paint a picture of the ideal candidate for the position. What are their skills, experience, and personality traits?

  • Highlight the benefits of the position. What are the benefits of working for your company? This could include things like competitive salary, health insurance, and paid time off.

  • Use clear and concise language. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that potential candidates may not understand.

  • Proofread carefully before posting the job description. Make sure there are no errors in grammar or spelling.

By following these tips, you can write great information security position descriptions that will attract qualified candidates and help you fill your open positions quickly and easily.

Here are some additional tips for writing great information security position descriptions:

  • Use keywords. When you're posting your job description online, be sure to use keywords that potential candidates are likely to search for. This will help your job description show up in search results.

  • Tailor your job description to your company. Your job description should reflect the culture and values of your company. This will help you attract candidates who are a good fit for your organization.

  • Get feedback. Once you've written your job description, be sure to get feedback from others, such as your colleagues or human resources department. This will help you ensure that your job description is clear, concise, and effective.

Finally, be honest. Infosec can be a little politically charged. If anything goes wrong, the finger always gets pointed somewhere. If people in infosec are constantly annoying everyone else by telling them what they can't do, add a frank discussion about that to the interview process, and maybe solicit opinions on how to make it better. Authenticity will go a long way in helping to make sure good hires get paired with longetivity in the position, so we're not dusting off the position description, er, before it gets any dust on it!

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