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Discover Secret Chest

Secret Chest is a secret manager that stores passwords, passkeys, and other credentials. Parts of secrets are stored across multiple devices to make them safer. This is why the fingerprint on a Macbook and the face on an iPhone are both requested each time they're accessed. These layers of encryption make them safer.


This page explains how to use Secret Chest. We focused on making the product simple, so hope our customers don't need to look at it often! If there's anything we didn't address here, or if there's an unexpected behavior (er, bug), feel free to reach out to us for support as well.

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Install Secret Chest and enable the autofill extension.

We are a chest of secrets. Learn how to create those secrets and what can be done with them.

Sometimes it's just time to update a password, or we find ourselves at the grocery store and needing to grab one off the phone. 

Sometimes we don't need a secret any more. We also don't want to leave shards on devices 

Logging in with Secret Chest is simple. TouchID, FaceID, aaaaaand go!

The passwordless future still needs management, right? Learn how to create and use passkeys in Secret Chest.

The more devices, the more secure secrets can be. Learn about how to add a device, and select which devices objects go to.

Most enterprise customers will have a federated identity provider, like Okta, Entra (formerly Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Jumpcloud, etc). Learn how to configure that connection and setup SCIM.

Secret Chest allows users to store shards not only on multiple devices they own, but also on devices their friends and coworkers own. Learn how to require two or more people to agree before a podcast episode is uploaded, an app is compiled, or a financial transfer is made.

Secret Chest is very much an API-first product. Anything possible in the web interface is also possible with a standard API rest call. 

We've exposed webhooks for nearly anything you could possibly want to get a little json for. Learn the what's and why's and about the json fired off to your endpoint.

We support groups. And sharing secrets to groups. See how that works.

Sometimes a device gets lost - or we upgrade! Because there's always a cool new thing!

No, policies aren't secret! But they do guard how secrets can be stored and used in large organizations. Learn more about locking down passwords, password metadata, passkey enforcement, and enforcing multi-peer requirements - all for specific groups of domains.

We're in beta, so... Yah...

Secret Chest was built from the ground up with MDM interoperability and automations in mind. Learn more about how to bless extensions with MDM and how to manage Secret Chest objects with an MDM.

Apple Watch

Coming Soon

Vision Pro

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Partner Portal

We were multi-tenant from day 1. This can make supporting customers hard for outsourcers. We want validated partners to be able to access tenants so they can more easily provide support to customers. We also want to properly compensate partners for the success they help us to achieve. Read more about our philosophy and tactics using this link, while we're building the tech itself.

Secure Notes

Well, everyone seems to have this anyways, it's just a big ole stringy field (although formatting options are a thing maybe)


PlatformSSO enables us to do deeper integration with standards-based IdPs. 

TLDR: We're not charging yet.

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Apple Watch App

Native app rather than an extension


Embed our technology into other apps

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