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Retrieve And Update A Secret In Secret Chest

Updated: Jan 18

There are two ways to access a secret when using Secret Chest. The first is through the app. First open Secret Chest.

At the main Secret Chest screen, click or tap on See All. This opens a list of all of the secrets on a device. Tap the one to retrieve or access.

At the Secrets screen, tap the ellispe in the upper right corner of the screen and tap on the Fetch or Fetch to Clipboard buttons.

When prompted, provide the necessary biometric check for each device that has a shard. The shards for the secret will then be reconsistuted from all devices that were used to create them and the password will be displayed in the Password field.

That password wasn't very secure, so let's update it to something that is, and hit the UPDATE button. Now let's access it using a different mechanism.

The second way to remove a secret is through the web app. Here, open the web app from and click on SECRETS in the sidebar. From the Secrets screen, click on the arrow icon under the Actions colum for the entry to display (when hovered over, it says Recover).

The devices that require a Touch ID or Face ID will then prompt to unlock the secret and once done, the secret will be displayed.

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