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Here's a fun, unique scenario you only get with beta software - until our final launch, all of our support cases will be handled by software developers with access to source code. That means we can fix issues that come up blindingly fast. OK, we won't bline anyone. But it'll be as fast as we can recompile and get things posted.

There are two ways to request support. The first and probably best is through email - simply send an email to Viola.

You can also email one of us directly. The second way to get support is to use our online support form. Simply open the web site (including this page) and click on the Let's Chat button in the lower corner of the screen.

Secret Chest web page with Let's Chat button

Now feel free to type in some chat request and click on the arrow (or hit enter).

chat support dialog

Next you should receive a thoughtful response, provided one of us is online!

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