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Safe Password Management

Make Apple's Keychain Quantum Proof

Animation That Shows How The More Devices, The More Secure Something Is

Keychain is Awesome

But it's better with Secret Chest! We add multi-factor and multi-peer security so secrets aren't stored on any single device - but spread across multiple devices and even multiple users.

Admins can even require multiple parties agree to unlock a secret and stream access attempts to other tools with our APIs.

Built for Enterprise, Easy Enough To Use At Home

Full API Support

Telemetry & Webhooks

API Icon
Telemetry Icon

We are API-first and support webhooks for any event in our queue, so you can script anything on our platform that your heart desires.

We believe in democratizing better security - but also offer plenty of enterprise options, like IdP support, SCIM, policy management and more.

Stream events to a SEIM, import our API docs and Postman collection, and analyze all the json docs for anomalies.

Modals for enterprise use that show sharing, policy settings, etc.
More Devices = More Secure
Animation of Secret Chest Encrypting Objects

It doesn't require a quantum computer to defeat another quantum computer. The best encryption on the market is in your pocket, wrist, or that new lens to see reality through!

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 5.03.08 PM.png

Face ID, Touch ID, and Optic ID

We use the Secure Enclave on any Apple device that has one to protect secrets across all the devices in a user's arsenal.

Quantum Icon

TouchID on the other

Multifactor security isn't just for large companies and governments or cloud services. Now it's available on your Apple devices using a simple interface!

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